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Our Disorder

We are part of a global order of Queer and Trans+ nuns that uplifts and support those on the edges.

Since 2004 we have provided a helping hand to the Tampa Bay/St. Pete community, all while expiating stigmatic guilt, and promulgating universal joy! We’ve brought joy and acceptance to our communities and have raised funds for many organizations that give without expectations of reciprocation. 

Our mission is simple: Empower  the disenfranchised to accept themselves for who they are without shame or guilt, and to help those who do the same.

Want more info? If so, inquire within…

smoking nuns_edited.jpg

The Sisters of the Pillaged Booty

Aggy 2 102723.jpg
Sister Allison Wonderland_edited.jpg
Nora for Web Site.jpg

Agatha Frisky

Fully Professed
Mother Superior/President

Mama knows what you did
and still loves you.

Allison Wonderland

Fully Professed
Mistress of Vice/Vice President

Keeper of rabbit holes and purveyor of crooked-looking glasses

Nora Torious

Fully Professed
Mistress of Novices

I'm not evil, I'm just painted that way.
Your Dedicated Spider Nun

Regina Blackveil.jpg
Isaac with raffle tix.JPG

Regina Apis

Fully Professed
Mistress of Alms (Treasurer)

If you're not ready to be brave yet,
Auntie Regina will be brave for you.

Isaac Wiener

Fully Professed
Master of Scripture (Secretary)

Serving you with relish!

Violet Grimm.jpg

Violet Grimm

Fully Professed

Spreading copious amounts of joy, smashing guilt, and ACCEPTING YOU JUST AS YOU ARE!

Paula 102723.jpg

Paula Poundtown

Fully Professed
Board Member-at-Large

Award-winning playwright and fan of
11th-Century sea shanties


Aura Babylon

Fully Professed

The most holy slut you know

Imma Gitaround.JPG


Imma Gitaround

Fully Professed

. . . dripping in jewels or
pearl necklaces . . . 

Eva 0324.jpg

Eva Lye

Fully Professed

You are still art,
even when no one else is looking

Battie Mage.jpg

Battie Mage

Fully Professed

The magick in me honors
the magick in you!

Wanda portrait.jpg

Wanda Ita Schrüm

Fully Professed

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect

Frankie 112423.jpg

Frankie Stein

Fully Professed

Stitched together,
better than ever!

Spitta 1123 highres.JPG

Spitta Swallow

Fully Professed

It doesn't matter if you Spitta Swallow, I'll love you whichever you decide to do.

Sr. ReleisiaTenshun.jpg


Releisia Tenshun

Fully Professed

It's good to be home again!

Guard Matt Hadder 2023.jpg

Matt Hadder

Fully Professed
Captain of the Guard

We're all mad here!
I'm mad, YOU'RE mad!

Dixon Cutt.jpg

Dixon Cutt

Fully Professed

I'm a cutt above the rest!

Novice Juana Reaction.jpg

Novice Sister
Juana Reaction

Novice Sister

Catalyzing reactions of love and acceptance / Catalizando reacciones
de amor y aceptación

Novice Sister

NvSr Sharron Sunshine.jpg

Novice Sister
Sharron Sunshine

Everyone needs a little

Novice Guard Vice.jpg

Novice Guard

Novice Guard

Everyone has their vices.
I'm the Vice 
that's good for you!

Saints and Sisters-for-a-Day

Community members and others who have made significant contributions worthy of the recognition of Sainthood or becoming a Sister-for-a-Day


Apple Love

Bonnie Plumbtree

Branden Wagner

Brian Longstreth

Carrie West

Elaine Dorrman

Erica PC/Aaron Perry-Cruz

James Encke

Joy Winheim

Mark Bias

Marshal Lee

Mercury Stardust

Nichole T. Monet

Savannah Eagan

Sister Fister/Steven Reigns

Stephanie Stuart

Stormy Daniels


Sister Joy N. Delight
(retired emeritus)


Sister Spitta Swallow
(current active black veil)


Sister Theresa Swallows
(retired emeritus) 


Sister Velvet Duvet
(retired emeritus) 

Nuns of the Above, Transferred, Inactive, and Far-Flung Sisters

Nuns of the Above

Sister Budha-licious 

Sister Helena Handbasket

Sister Princess and the Pea

Sister Sissy Icky

Sister Sara Suckerman

Sister Tootie Truly Humble

Transferred, Inactive, and Far-Flung Sisters

Sister Anna von Detta

Sister Anne Phetomine (of the New York Phetomines)

Sister Crayola Deville

Sister Didi Daytripper

Sister Freda Swallow

Sister Goblynn Itup

Sister Jacquelyn Eats-Asses

Sister Jara Crisco

Sister Lucretia MyReflection

Sister Mary Mount N. Dew Me 

Sister Monica Muffdiver

Sister Nancy Downwithit

Sister Polka Hotass

The Rubber Nun

Sister Sawyer Ladybits

Sister Scarlet O’Whora

Sister Shelby Juicebox

Sister Shirley B. Medicated (Founder)

Sister Shirley B. Sober

Sister Sumting Wong (now Majyna Burns) 

Guard Corporal Punishment

Guard Freja Fouru

Guard Hugh G. Rection

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